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How We
Help You


How We Help You

The Relationship Paradigm Programme

Reconnect with your partner, by understanding the real source of the problem in your relationship, using this proven approach tested with hundreds of couples like you.

The Relationship Paradigm is a representation of the elements that Neil Wilkie knows are fundamental to a great relationship between two people.

These elements are interlocked: if they grow together they are much stronger, and if one is absent or weak then the relationship is less resilient.

The foundation of all of these is Trust.

If trust is complete, then it is like a clear blue sky. If trust is beginning to be doubted, then it is as if big grey storm clouds appear and they impact on all the other elements. Without trust the whole model becomes unstable and dissipates. 

The programme is done as an online course and runs over a 4 month period.


Communication Spotlight Programme

This short, low cost, intensive programme is the first step on our online programme for couples who have drifted apart and want to reconnect.

Communication is normally the first area in a relationship that goes off track. This programme allows you to explore inside the Relationship Paradigm and get immediate benefits in your relationship.

Explore the Communication Spotlight

Books ♡

Reset - Finding A New Course After Drifting Apart

What happens when a relationship moves from connection to disconnection?  Is it possible to reignite love, and do you want to?  Reset is an emotionally engaging parable sharing the everyday exchanges between Rachel and John, a couple stressed and frustrated, and aware of a deepening loneliness in each other's company.  It provides a rare opportunity to hear their alternate perspectives of the same events as they begin their battle to get back to each other.  Woven from over ten years of working with hundreds of couples, Neil Wilkie uses this powerful story to share The Relationship Paradigm, his transformational approach to working with couples who have drifted apart.

“Thought provoking and a very enjoyable read at the same time. A masterpiece” - Philip Hesketh: Best Selling Author and International Authority on Persuasion and Influence.


Couples Counselling

We will work intensively and exclusively with the two of you with eight sessions spread over a few months. You will be working with Neil, the Relationship Paradigm founder and Maria, his colleague. The sessions will be via Zoom.

There will be unlimited email support between sessions.


Want to see how your relationship is doing?

Take our QUIZ to find out....

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Want to see how your relationship is doing?

Take our QUIZ to find out....

Click HERE to Get Started