You deserve a loving relationship

Why? ♡

A bad or mediocre relationship is unnecessary.

It hurts us, our partner, our families, our children and generations to come.

We all deserve to be loved and love.

Imagine what your life could be like in a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Seize this opportunity to Reset, Recover or Retune your Relationship.

Your path back to love starts here.

Why Us?

This is what we do.

This is what we are exceptionally good at.

This is our passion.

Our mission is To Impact and Improve 10 million Relationships around the World in this Decade

See and hear what John and Rachel say about how we helped them Reset their relationship

Their story can be read in depth in our first book 'Reset - finding a new course after drifting apart'


Why Neil? ♡

Neil Wilkie is an author,  relationship expert and qualified psychotherapist.

He created the Relationship Paradigm Model and has written two books on relationships. In the last year Neil has written over 370 articles on Relationships for national and international newspapers and publications. He has reached an audience of over 4.7 million print readers and 2.8 billion online readers

The Sun newspaper calls him 'The Relationship Guru' and The Times, The Independent, The Mail and others call him 'The Relationship Expert'

After unsatisfactory experiences with  traditional relationship counselling during an earlier marriage Neil developed a more focused and supportive approach.

He has worked with hundreds of couples over the last fifteen years to help them move from a place of despair and unhappiness to one of closeness and harmony. The common themes and patterns that emerged during these sessions with couples provided the foundation for The Relationship Paradigm, his extraordinary approach that is proven to reconnect couples who have drifted apart or been affected by betrayal.

Why Online Therapy? ♡

  • You can do this at your own pace in your own place.

  • It is safe, secure and confidential.

  • You have our personalised support throughout.

  • It saves you time and money.

  • You have the materials and the learning for your lifetime.

Why you matter to us?

Our mission is to Impact and Improve 10 million relationships around the world in this decade.

We want to use our skills and experience to make the world a better place where we help couples develop loving and fulfilling relationships with each other.

We know that relationships need to be nurtured.

Couples often assume that things will stay the same, despite the passage of time and changes in life. Not all are able to recognise when things have changed for the worse.

We are here to help you Reset, Recover and Retune your relationship.

Your path back to love starts here.

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