Relationship Retune
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Is your relationship good and you would like it to be even better?

A relationship cannot be perfect for ever.  
We change at different speeds and life changes too.


Would you like to laugh more, love more, really enjoy talking and connecting with each other?


Does your relationship need an annual service to ensure it is as good as it can be?


We can help you get your relationship from good to great and keep it there.
We can do this by:
● regular retune sessions or
● on our Retune Retreat.

Retune Retreat 

Every year we run an exclusive retreat for couples to retune their relationship in a beautiful location.

Our Next Retreat Date is for 3 days in Spring 2024:



This is an intensive retreat for 6 couples who want help to fall back in love again and stay in love.

Couples will receive personalised therapy as well as exercises and group sessions.

Our Venue is the Wonderful Studland Bay House in Dorset, UK.

At The End of The 3 Days We Hope You Will:

♡ Be calmer and more relaxed

♡ Understand the fundamental problems in your relationship

♡ Know what you both need to do to put this right

♡ Be on the path to a loving and fulfilling relationship

♡ Have a support network to help you get there and stay there

Contact us to explore how we can help you Retune your relationship.

We can do this by Zoom, by phone or by email.

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